Our list of manufacturers include some of the best known and most prestigious firms in field of industrial Kitchens and waste management.

  • Aerowerks


    At Aerowerks, we understand each dishroom is different, as are the soiled ware handling and ware wash requirements.Therefore we carefully review your operations from drop-off to soiled breakdown, delivery, ware wash and clean storage. We also analyze your staffing requirements, number of meals served at peak and non peak times, so we can design an integrated soiled ware handling system to suit your needs.

  • Baxter Manufacturing

    Bakery Equipment

    A leader in designing and manufacturing quality foodservice and bakery equipment worldwide.


    Sneeze Guards

    Food shields and serving counters.

  • Gaylord Industries

    Ventilation Hoods

    Provider of innovative ventilation hoods that include UV and water wash solutions for any foodservice operation. As well as clear air units that removes smoke and odor. Gaylord’s hoods have the lowest exhaust in the industry as tested by the independent CKV Lab.

  • Melink Corporation

    Intelligent solution for your Ventilation hoods

    Melink Intelli-Hood® is the industry standard for demand control ventilation for commercial kitchens. Easy to install for new construction or to retrofit your current kitchen hoods, Intelli-Hood saves up to 90% in fan energy and 50% on conditioned air. Energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

  • Midland Chutes

    Garbage and Laundry Chutes

    Midland manufactures the quietest chute system available. Midland produces a chute that is 3 times quieter than competitive makes.

  • OmniTeam Inc.

    Refrigeration Racks

    TA major supplier of remote refrigeration systems, blast chillers, up-flow evaporators, and sushi cases.

  • Pro-Fit Industrial

    Refrigeration and kitchen Line

    A Hong Kong based company, specializes in manufacturing and selling kitchen equipment and accessories, F & B supplies, kitchen OEM & ODM products.

  • Reaction Distributing Inc.

    Garbage Compactors

    Canadian based steel fabricator that specializes in custom designed, solid waste handling systems for the retail, and commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal sectors.

  • Red Goat Disposers

    Garbage Disposers

    Heavy duty waste disposers and Controls.

  • Somat Company

    Garbage Pulpers and Dehydrators

    The recognized leader in pulping and other waste management equipment that is transforming our industry and our world.

  • SPG-Storage Products Group


    Combining innovative designs with competitive pricing, ISS brings you greater value with a product lineup that includes: the strongest and most easily assembled wire shelves in their class, the famous Wall Trax™ wall storage system, and a wide array of carts, racks, shelves, dollies, workstations and more.

  • Stero Company


    STERO designs units that integrate all dishroom clean-up elements into practical arrangements. Our integrated system concept offers precise designs configured to fit the unique requirements of any operation.

  • The Montague Company

    Kitchen line

    140 years of specialized manufacturing experience, to bring you the highest quality commercial cooking equipment.